Alessandro Bellini

This is my official curriculum vitae: it's printable and completely made with react.


I'm a frontend lover and a proper nerd. I do enjoy coding.
In the recent years I focused mainly on frontend architecture design for vast and highly modular software products. In a nutshell: deliver; speedup the development process; simplify the complexity whenever possible; think twice about deps: it's modular in here!; define some good API and document them; what about ui living styleguide?; keep the code quality high as well as the performance; train sometimes and learn always from peers and colleagues; deliver again and wisely release.

I should probably write my profile in a "more professional" way, but I always end up with some ridiculos description of a super-human developer, and I'm not. So, I'm keeping it real.


In a strong and romantic relationship with HTML (and Twig), CSS (BEM, Sass, Less), Javascript (ES5.1, 6, 7 and counting), Typescript, Vue, Vuex, Webpack, Git.

Having an affaire with React, Redux, Mobx, CssNext, CssModules, styled-jsx, Next.js, GatsbyJS, 11ty, Jest, Cypress, Ava.

Had a couple of dates with PWA, Mobx State Tree, RxJS, Emotion, GraphQL, Php.

Just met Functional Programming.

I am a…

  • competitor with myself
  • good mediator
  • knowledge consumer
  • coffee maker
  • challenge accepter
  • user-group talker
  • hard worker #cliché
  • team worker #cliché
  • service worker


Frontend Architect

2019-*, Sourceability @ remotely, but mostly Berlin, DE

As architect, I'm responsible for the frontend software design of B2B portal and other internal projects. Plain and "simple".#es6and7, #vuejs, #sprykerbased

Application Architect

2015-2019, Spryker @ Berlin, DE

Started as developer in the core team, I grew up architect in 2018, becoming responsible for SprykerOS products frontend architecture and providing tailored solutions for customers.#es6and7, #typescript, #webcomponents, #reactdeepdive, #webpack, #jsthegoodpart, #cleancode, #backtostudy, #backtobasics

Frontend Developer

2013-2015, Lutech Mobile @ Milano, IT

In this mobile oriented agency, I was lead developer of a small team, mainly focused on cross-platform and/or hybrid applications development.#jquerydays, #rafdays, #angularone, #cordova, #ibm, #worklight, #ios, #android, #evenwindowsmobile

Fullstack Developer

2011-2012, @ Milano, IT

Started as backend developer, I soon switched and focused mainly on frontend. My role in the agency was to implement UIs for customers' .net web applications.#jquerydays, #backbone, #dotnet, #frontendloveatfirstcode


2006-2010 @ Pistoia, IT

Web developer freelance, graphic designer in a printing factory, "computer" teacher in a private primary school and tutor in adult education programs (such as web development fundamentals and wordpress theming).#jquerydays, #spaghettidays, #adobesuite, #iloveteaching, #onewordpresstorulethemall, #jackofalltrades


  • frontend development
  • frontend architecture design
  • team leading
  • italian food and wine


Bachelor in Sociology

Università degli Studi di Firenze, 2010.


Fluent Italian; good English.